Oneway Erisa photo

Another talented musician on the SE Crew? Yep! @oneway_erisa is a super-talented singer and guitar player, and she even has a separate IG for her music! We asked her some questions about her awesome musical journey. Be sure to check out @music___erisa to see her perform.

“My music journey began when I was about seven years old. My second-grade teacher was a guitar player, and he gave me my first lesson on my thrift shop guitar that I bought for seven dollars. After my first lesson, I was hooked on music. I then started playing at local venues and getting invited to open mics around New York. My track coach, who owns a jazz café, helped me link up with other older musicians and I started getting inspired by their talent. I played at some competitions, and I was invited to open at the town’s community day and at talent shows in New York. Music makes me feel super happy. It takes stress away, it makes me feel very free, and gets me inspired to perform one day in front of a big audience. That would be awesome.”

“My music and biking have become a double passion. During the pandemic, everything was shut down and I was really gutted and disappointed that I couldn’t play music at gigs. My track team also took a long break, and I was recovering from a heel injury. So, I began biking with some friends in town, and we started meeting daily because we were stuck at home doing homeschool. That’s when my bike journey began, because I began watching my friends do wheelies and I gave it a try and fell in love.”

“I love biking and music equally. The difference is I have so many bike life friends and I enjoy riding with other bikers. I do [my music] on my own and play at open mics in my town with mostly retired musicians. I hear them play songs and I get inspired to play my own renditions. My wish is to meet other younger musicians to collaborate with. The music on social media that’s played in videos is different. It’s more rap. I never was exposed to this prior to bike life. My initial intro to music was classic rock.”

“The first song I learned was from Bob Dylan. I really love his music. I also enjoy Tracy Chapman and Tom Petty. I’ve also been playing music from artists like Michael Kiwanuka, Black Pumas, and Coldplay. My wish is to make my own music, as I’m working on some original songs. And I hope to collaborate with other musicians one day. I love the feeling of a good rhythm, and I love hearing music jamming when I’m riding. That’s the best feeling in the world!”