BS.Ballout riding and performing music

You know that BS.Ballout is talented on his bike, but did you know that he's also a talented musician? Yep! We asked him some questions about his other passion. See Ballout perform "Perfect Timing" at the bottom of this story.

“Back in my freshman days in high school, even in elementary school, we would make beats on the lunch table with our pencils and pens. I was always that kid who would burst out a few lines real fast, and all my friends used to tell me, “Go make that a song” or “You should start making music”. So finally, I recorded my first song called “Paper Cuts” in a homemade studio. Ever since then I considered myself as an artist.”

“Most of my friends already knew that I make music. But when a rider that doesn’t know sends me a text saying, “This you? I didn’t know you rap. This is .”—that always make me want to make some new tunes and vibes for the culture!”

“I ride more than making music, but when I’m riding, I’m definitely bumping a few of my songs! When I’m doing my verses and adlibs, it’s similar to combos. It’s like puzzling words in a different format, just like my tricks on the bike!”

“I would like to make a song with Lil’ Uzi Vert, perform at a sold-out show in my hometown, and eventually start my own music label!”

“Getting better at riding would be a little tougher than the music, simply because you gotta use your body and physical movements. Music isn’t that difficult. We listen to music every day. I think everyone’s got a line or two up their sleeve.”

“I have a few other hobbies such as producing beats, modeling, having a clothing brand, & cooking. I like to cook quick meals!”