We're pretty sure that @wichofilmspr is one of the raddest 52-year-olds on the planet, and we're proud to have him on the SE Crew!

How old are you?
52 years old. Born in 1969 baby! I’ll be 53 in May.

Where do you live?
I grew up in Puerto Rico, but now I live in Daytona Beach, FL.

How many SE bikes do you own?
I own nine SE bikes: Wildman, Fat Ripper, Monster Quad, DJ Ripper HD, Mike Buff Fat Ripper, two Fast Rippers, and the first one that changed my life: Beast Mode Ripper. And I may have a top secret bike, too.

What’s your favorite SE bike?
That’s a hard question because like in surfing, you use many different boards depending on wave size and shape. So, I apply that with bikes! For jumps, I love the Fat Rippers. For big swerves, the Monster Quad. For the speed game, the Fast Rippers. For dirt and the beach, the OM-Duro. And now this new top secret bike changed my game with two new tricks in the first half-hour that I rode it! All the skills using these different bikes has created the perfect recipe for me, a 50+ year-old, to be able to keep growing in so many ways. That is just a real dream!

What’s your favorite place to ride?
My favorite place to ride is wherever my bikes take me! I love hills, though!

What’s your favorite thing about bike life?
Bike life has changed my life with so many outstanding experiences, learnings, the amazing people you meet, and endless opportunities. But more importantly, the happiness that bike life brings to my life. I love to share that and make it better for the generations to come. I also Iove rideouts!

What’s your secret to improve riding skills?
I keep improving because I really want it! So, three things: desire, sacrifice, and discipline! Like I mentioned before, use all types of SE bikes every day! Train, watch other videos, and ride with the best riders because it’s contagious. And it’s super-important to have the best bikes in the game!

What’s something that people may not know about you?
Something that people don’t know about me is that I love Kit Kats! And I’m going to be a grandpa again.

What’s some advice you would give someone getting into bike life?
The best advice is to go ride bikes! Share your knowledge and help others because that keeps you lifted! Use the bike that you are comfortable with, but of course SE is the brand of choice! Go to rideouts and activate your friends, family, and your community. Encourage them all to ride bikes because it’s good for your mind, your health, and even for you own personality by having fun and learning new things. You don’t have to do wheelies or jumps. Just cruise, feel the wind, and it will take your stress away! Stay united because that not only make us only stronger, but wiser and we have more fun!