Did you know that there are 20 team riders on the SE Crew!? Yep, you read that correctly; 20 awesome riders spreading the bike life vibe everywhere they go. We’ve got interviews with all of the SE Crew that we’ll be posting over the coming weeks so you can see what makes them tick. First up: Staten Island, New York’s @_onewayjason.

How old are you?
I am 21 years old.

Where do you live?
I was born in Brooklyn, but as of right now I am living in Staten Island, NY.

How many SE bikes do you own?
I own five SE bikes right now, and those are the Boston Big Ripper, Red Ano Big Ripper, two Fast Rippers, and a Monster Ripper.

What’s your favorite SE bike?
My favorite SE bike is the Fast Ripper because it’s 29” BMX with gears, and because of the way it rides. No other bike feels like the Fast Ripper.

What’s your favorite place to ride?
My favorite place to ride is Miami, FL, because it’s never cold. I know a lot of people out there and the city is so nice.

What’s your favorite thing about bike life?
My favorite thing about bike life is the rideouts and how everyone from all over the world will get together and ride as one.

What’s your secret to improve riding skills?
My secret to improving is to be outside every day and give it your all. If you don’t try and put the work in, you won’t see any results!

What’s something that people may not know about you?
One thing people may not know is that I lost my Instagram account in 2019 with 16k followers after grinding for four years. So I made a comeback and had to start all over again. I just put the work in and turned my dreams into reality. Thank you, SE Bikes.

What’s some advice you would give someone getting into bike life?
I would say to be patient, don’t compete with people, work at your own pace, and never give up!