You can always find awesome SE bikes in various Facebook groups, but Aaron Lynch’s custom Monster Quad really blew us away. Aaron is a custom paint/airbrush artist and car customizer, so his eye for detail is amazing.
When coming up with ideas for the finish on his Monster Quad, Aaron knew that Arnold’s Metal Finishing in Santa Clara, CA was the place for the job. Aaron said, “I saw Arnold's work on Instagram and knew I had to send something out there to get done! I hope to send more projects their way.”
The proprietary process used on this project is called Polished Splash Anodize. Aaron explained, “Anodize is a sulfuric acid chemical process that creates a protective oxide anodic coating that prevents any alloy material from corroding. The bare aluminum on the Monster Quad was the perfect base for the anodizing process.” The anodizing work didn’t take very long, as Aaron added, “They have a pretty fast turnaround time. The only time it took was mainly disassembling and shipping it out.”
This bike is 100% a work of art, but Aaron may have a couple more additions in mind. “I’m thinking about some skinwall tires and an SE head badge when they are available again.”
Owning one amazing SE like this would be a dream come true for many riders, but it’s just the tip of Aaron’s collection. He currently has 19 different SE bikes! If you haven’t flipped through the photos yet, get ready to be blown away. Photos by Brian Jones at @idreamimages